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frequently asked questions

Can I apply if I’m over 35?
This particular initiative is focussed  on younger leaders.  If you are over the age of thirty-five and “young at heart” we would encourage you to look into different programs that the government offers for entrepreneurs.  Check out our RESOURCES page.

I have a business, can I apply?
Yes!  If you own a business and the services/products or profit are used to invest directly into the social sector that supports those who are marginalized then we would love to work with you.

I would say I have a faith background, but not necessarily Christian, can I still apply?
As an initiative of the CBOQ, this granting process is for people who are inspired by their personal faith in Jesus and would consider themselves a Christian.  

Can I apply if I just have an idea?
Grants will be given to the individuals and organizations that  have already taken steps to make their idea a reality.  That being said, we would love to hear about your idea, so please contact us!

What important dates do I need to know about?
We have a list of those right here.

What do you mean by "marginalized & vulnerable people"?
The Spark Initiative is interested in granting recipients who work to support and address the needs of those in society who are considered most vulnerable.  

According to national, provincial, and regional assessments, the marginalized/vulnerable sector generally refers to the following: 1) Youth/families at risk 2) Seniors at risk 3) Indigenous Peoples 4) People living with a disability 5) The homeless 6) New Canadians (immigrants/refugees)

Globally, those who are most vulnerable, generally are people who are impoverished in the following areas: water, food, education, health, human rights, safety & peace.

Who will  the judges and mentors be?
We are working on gathering a world-class team of mentors who have tremendous experience and the heart to pass it on. We will work hard to create the "best-fit"  match and connect our team of young social entrepreneurs to expert mentors.

Due to any potential conflicts of interest, we will not announce the judges until after the grants have been announced in June.  

I live in Canada but my organization does work overseas, can I still apply?
Yes. If you are a Canadian citizen, and your organization/business is registered in Canada you are eligible even if your work operates in a different country.

Which leader of our organization should apply?  There are a few of us.
We are able to work with two leaders from your organization.  One of them must be the highest decision maker, for example, the Director or CEO.  And, as the application criteria describes, the leader must be thirty-five years of age or younger.


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